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Cous Cous di Pesce a San Vito Lo Capo #0

Cous Cous di Pesce a San Vito Lo Capo #0

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Cous Cous Fest is the International Festival of cultural integration is an important event which is being renewed for eleven years, his involvement in a party atmosphere all the countries of the Euro-Mediterranean and beyond. The event, scheduled in San Vito Lo Capo 22 to 27 September 2009, now into its twelfth edition, with a hectic program.
Undisputed star of the event is cous cous dish rich in history and an element of synthesis between cultures, a symbol of openness, intermarriage and contamination.
All in the beautiful surroundings of this seaside village which with its warm climate, its clear water and the beauty of its beaches is the ideal location to extend a little ‘relaxation of the pleasant summer vacation. The event is a festive occasion, with the flavors, culinary challenge between chefs, moments of depth and shows that will alternate on the stage of Cous Cous Fest numerous artists of international renown.


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Saffron Couscous Recipe

This Kurdish-influenced side dish is delicious with or without saffron, and makes a good alternative to rice. Saffron couscous is best served warm, or at room temperature. Delicious with roasted lamb, it’s also excellent with your favorite fish or vegetable couscous recipe dish.

In this video the chef actually explains what couscous is not just how to make the recipe.

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Morroccan Charbroiled Lamb and Fennel Stew With Seven Seed Couscous: Redwood Creek Campfire Classic Semi-Finalist Recipe!

Morroccan Charbroiled Lamb and Fennel Stew With Seven Seed Couscous: Redwood Creek Campfire Classic Semi-Finalist Recipe!

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Morroccan Charbroiled Lamb and Fennel Stew With Seven Seed Couscous: Redwood Creek Campfire Classic Semi-Finalist Recipe!

Doug DuCap’s Recipe for this is at… .

This recipe was a 2008 Semi Finalist at the Redwood Creek Campfire Classic Recipe Competition.

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Cous Cous Fest

Cous Cous Fest, San Vito Lo Capo by Dom Dada.

The Cous Cous Fest, the «international mediterranean culture, food and wine festival», is a great opportunity to taste all kinds of food – but of course, first and foremost cous cous, in over a dozen different variations.

A journey marked by conviviality and taste. This is the essence of Cous Cous Fest, the exhibition dedicated to the “pot of peace” that unites around him the diversity and charm of the peoples of the Mediterranean, in the splendid setting of San Vito Lo Capo. This year, from Sept. 23-28, will stage the eleventh edition. Delegations of chefs from around the world will challenge nell’amichevole Cous Cous XI International Competition. At a panel of experts, accompanied for the first time by a public jury, the arduous task of designating the Best Cous Cous 2008. But the Cous Cous Fest is also stage cultural tout court. Scheduled unforgettable performances of world music, theme meetings, talk food, gourmet laboratories …

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Fish Couscous in Tunis

Fish Couscous in Tunis. Look at the beautiful china, the fish knife and the piece of fish against a plain pile of couscous with some vegetable and chick peas. Delicious fish couscous recipes are a speciality of the coastal areas in Tunisia and the capital Tunis.

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Saladin City, Tunisian/Algerian couscous recipe restaurant, Strasbourg

Saladin City, Tunisian/Algerian couscous restaurant, Strasbourg

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Couscous recipes from the east of France, in fact Strasbourg in this French Algerian Tunisian couscous restaurant

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couscous recipe video

It’s a couscous recipe video to make you go “yum!”

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